Posted on January 20, 2006

Stories Differ After Officer, Skater Scuffle

Don Wall, WFAA-TV (Dallas), January 17, 2006

Finger pointing has begun after a scuffle between an officer and a Dallas Roller Derby League skater ended with the woman on the ground with a bloody face Saturday night.


But some witnesses also had a different opinion from the officer’s account of what occurred that night.

“He just jumps on her and puts his knee on the back of her head with her face in the ground like so brutally,” said Oliver Peck, tattoo artist. “It was ridiculous, and instantly blood was everywhere and she’s crying bloody murder like helplessly.”

Peck said he saw the police officer give Metzinger a ticket for jaywalking and then jumped on her twice when she tried to pull away.

“It was just a textbook example of unnecessary excessive force,” he said.

Camille Dubose A witness captured an image of Officer Ceaphus Gordon restraining Michelle Metzinger with his knee.


Metzinger has hired a lawyer to fight back and police said they will consider an internal investigation.