Posted on January 18, 2006

GOP House Hopefuls Hammer Illegal Immigration

Pat Kinney, Waterloo Courier (Iowa), Jan. 17, 2006

WATERLOO — The three Republican candidates for Jim Nussle’s U.S. House seat delivered a triple-barreled assault on illegal immigration at the Black Hawk County GOP caucuses Monday night.

“There’s been more illegal immigrants than legal immigrants in our country since Sept. 11,” said Bettendorf lawyer and former Iowa GOP chair Brian Kennedy. “It’s a national security issue but it’s also an economic security issue. We’re competing with cheap labor abroad and now cheap labor’s being imported to compete with us right here at home.

“My plan is very straightforward,” Kennedy said. “First we lock the border. That means 10,000 additional border patrol agents. It means using aerial surveillance vehicles so we have a better view of the border. It means deputizing those minutemen, those patriots who are going to stand up and serve as a border patrol. We need to move toward expedited deportation. If you pick someone up as a illegal immigrant we don’t take six months to deport them. And finally we have to get tough with those employers who repeatedly, knowingly hire illegal immigrants.”

Quad-Cities restaurateur Mike Whalen said better identification of legal workers is in order. “If somebody comes and applies for a job in the heart of America, we are unable to determine immediately on the spot whether that person is legal or illegal. That’s where we need to start. Stop the jobs, you stop the flow.

“If you can sneak into the amusement park and ride all the rides for free, you’re going to get a lot of people sneaking in. If every time you sneak into the amusement park and all the rides are shut down, you’re not going to try to sneak in.

“Stop the jobs, stop the flow, (make) the system open, honest and fair, and then, yes Brian, after that, and only after that, do we start to look and say how many people do we really need to honestly let into this country. But it starts with letting the employers have a real mechanism to decide who’s legal and who’s not.”


Former U.S. Rep Hopes to Return to DC to Tackle U.S. Immigration Policy

By Chad Groening, Agape Press, Jan. 17, 2006

A former U.S. representative from California says the University of California System’s policy of offering in-state tuition fees to illegal aliens is just one example of how many state institutions discriminate against U.S. citizens while favoring illegal immigrants with special benefits in violation of federal law.

Republican Brian Bilbray is running for the 50th Congressional District seat vacated by Randy “Duke” Cunningham. Bilbray says he wants to return to Washington to straighten out what he sees as the mess that is American illegal immigration policy, a job he believes should include holding states accountable for ignoring federal law that prohibits offering benefits to illegal aliens without making those benefits available to U.S. citizens.


That, Bilbray says, is why he has decided to seek Cunningham’s seat. “How can you not want to get back in and straighten this out when you see your children are being discriminated against in their country, and when you know it’s against the law and states are still getting away with it?” he asks.