Posted on December 28, 2005

Mexico Looks In the Mirror

Sierra Vista Herald (Az.), December 27, 2005

Mexico has made its views known on the recent passage of an immigration proposal that would build a border wall, make entering the United States illegally a felony and enlist the military and police to help stop undocumented migrants.

Mexican President Vicente Fox has said he felt it’s a sad state of affairs when a nation has to build a wall.

We’re not in favor of a wall and parts of the proposal that passed the U.S. House of Representatives recently, but we also don’t take Mexico’s criticism too seriously, mostly because of a report that came out last week on Mexico’s own handling of immigrants within its borders.

The contradictions are fascinating.

The report, which was released by Mexico’s federal Human Rights Commission, found that it uses many of the same methods to stop illegal immigration that it opposes the United States undertake.


As far as prison facilities, the report said Mexican facilities are overcrowded and lack working bathrooms, blankets, sleeping mats, adequate food and medical care. Facilities in the United States may be crowded, but the people who are detained get the items and services they need.

The Mexicans also use police and the military to detain illegal immigrants. In the United States, we have a special agency — the Border Patrol — to deal with this, while police and military have been used to supplement that agency’s efforts.