Posted on November 15, 2005

Wal-Mart Sees Spanish Language Reality DVD Sales Take Flight

PRNewswire, Nov. 14

LOS ANGELES—The release of Univision’s first television show on DVD turned into a near riot last week when thousands flooded the Wal-Mart store in Puerto Rico to get their hands on “LO MEJOR DE OBJETIVO FAMA Y LO NUNCA ANTES VISTO.” Wal-Mart was ecstatic with the sight of DVDs flying off the shelves, never having witnessed this type of hysteria over a DVD release before.

“This in-store event was an exciting success; it demonstrated a huge fan base for Spanish-language reality shows on DVD and the significant market potential. No other in store event has ever generated this kind of traffic. This title has a tremendous compared to other reality shows on DVD,” said Carmen Luz, Assistant General Manager of Wal-Mart.

Concepcion Lara, the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Marketing at Studio Latino, the distributor of Unicine titles, said, “This is an exciting time for the Latino DVD sector. As the market continues to develop, we are able to successfully introduce the genres that Latinos really want. I anticipate that the trend will continue until Latinos in this country have access to the wide variety of content and genres available throughout the Spanish speaking world.”

Passionate fans lined up for hours in the rain, waiting to buy the DVD and get it signed by one of their idols. Fan Raymundo Rodriguez said, “I watched Objetivo Fama religiously and can’t wait to get my hands on the DVD to see footage that couldn’t be aired on Television.” At this rate, it is likely that Spanish language reality DVD sales will outperform their English language counterparts.

Objetivo Fama winner Anais, a New York resident, was on hand, joined by runners up Esteban, Rosangela, and Jayro to meet fans and sign autographs on DVDs and flyers.

Objetivo Fama is a reality based music show that pits 20 contestants from around the United States against each other in a battle for a recording contract and $25,000 cash. Contestants must live in isolation together in an academy in Puerto Rico for fourteen weeks. Week by week they undergo transformation into stardom and an elimination that leaves one winner. “LO MEJOR DE OBJETIVO FAMA—Y LO NUNCA ANTES VISTO” documents their journey to stardom with never released footage of the trials and tribulations, romances and scandals that surround this competition.

Objetivo Fama season three will air on Telefutura Network starting in February 2006.