Posted on November 28, 2005

Group Wants Only European Immigrants

CBC News, Nov. 25

A group called the Coalition for a Humanistic Euro-British Canada has publicly advocated limiting immigration to Europeans.

The group bought a full-page ad in the Windsor Star on Friday.

Canada should only take in European immigrants who are willing to learn English and adopt British culture, the ad said.

“British culture needs to be promoted and enhanced” in Canada, it said.

Michael Chessman, founder of the coalition, doesn’t deny his group has a racist slant.

“Everyone is a racist. And I’m saying do the right thing about it by making sure there’s racial justice.”

Some Windsor residents are asking why the newspaper printed the ad.

“I was reading it two three times before I totally understood it . . . ,” said Reza Shahbazi, the director of an immigration settlement agency. “Is this really happening?”

Mo Perrron, the Star’s director of advertising, said there was no reason not to print the ad.

“We went over the content to make sure they weren’t making any attacks against any one individual group. And they were simply making a policy statement for the organization.”

Chessman said the Star was the only newspaper in the CanWest chain to print the ad.

Chessman wouldn’t say how many members his coalition has.