Posted on November 10, 2005

Greensburg Police Not Yet Linking Beatings, Fliers, Nov. 4

GREENSBURG, Pa. — Three people were beaten early Friday morning in Greensburg, according to police. The first incident occurred at a house on Westminster Avenue around 2 a.m. According to police, two black men struck a white man after he got out of his car. The victim, along with his female passenger, drove away as a third black man approached the vehicle.

The second occurred a half an hour later outside the Sunoco Mini Market at Mount Pleasant Street and Urbania Avenue. Three black men approached a white man while he was pumping gas. The men started beating him and struck his passenger after she exited the car, according to police.

Fliers with racist epithets against whites were also found on car windshields and utility poles in Greensburg.

There is surveillance video of the second attack, but police are not releasing it yet.

Police are not linking the two assaults or the fliers because they are waiting for the suspects to be identified in a lineup Friday night. No arrests have been made.