Posted on October 31, 2005

$63M For Hawaiians Clears Senate Hurdle

Star Bulletin (Honolulu), Oct. 29

A federal spending bill containing more than $125 million for health, education and social services in Hawaii, including $63 million for native Hawaiians, has cleared the Senate.

Nearly $35 million of the money is earmarked specifically for native Hawaiian education, U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye, D-Hawaii, said in a statement.

“These funds have tangible, positive results: teacher training and recruitment, scholarships for outstanding native Hawaiian students, and the repair and renovation of public schools with a significant number of native Hawaiians,” he said.

The Senate voted Thursday to pass the massive measure covering health, education and labor programs, the largest of the spending bills Congress considers every year. It now goes to House and Senate negotiations.

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