Posted on September 14, 2005

Tempers Flare Between Houston, Louisiana Students and Their Mothers

Wendell Edwards, 11 News (Houston), Sept. 13

Security will be increased Wednesday at a southeast Houston high school where a fight broke Tuesday between Louisiana and Houston students.

“Man, they were just going at it,” said Larry Citizen, a student. “Man, that’s all it was — Louisiana versus Jessie Jones.”

When it was over, three Jones High School students were in the hospital and five were in police custody.

The scene got even uglier when parents arrived.

A loud verbal confrontation broke out between mothers of some of the students involved in the first fight.

“They jumped on my nephew inside this school, busted him in the head. They’re sending him to the hospital,” yelled one woman.

Police separated the group of women and threatened to arrest them if they didn’t calm down.