Posted on September 20, 2005

Danish Artists Scared of Islam

DR Nyheder (Denmark), Sept. 16

Since the murder of the Islam critical Dutch film director Theo van Gogh, and the violent attack on a lecturer at the Danish Carsten Niebuhr Institute, Danish artists are fearful of criticising Islam.

Author, Kåre Bluitgen, is due to publish a book on the prophet Mohammed in two weeks time, but so far no one has agreed to illustrated the work through fear of reprisals from Islamic extremists.

According to the author, three artists have turned down an offer to illustrate the book based on their fear of being attacked if they do so.

The president of the Danish Writers Union, Frants Iver Gundelach, said that it is a gross attack on freedom of speech, and the issue will be taken up at the next union meeting.