Posted on August 9, 2005

Hate Crime Suspects Arrested in Lake Charles

KPLC (Lafayette, La.), Aug. 9

Two people have been arrested in connection with the beating of a producer and assistant producer of the “Little Bayou” film crew in downtown Lake Charles on July 22.

Janice Denise Davis, 31, and Christopher Desmond Jones, 19, were both arrested in connection with the crime. Police say the attack happened when a group of at least eight black males and females saw the two white males near the intersection of Broad Street and Bilbo. According to police, after the two men refused to give the group their money, one of the victims was beaten with a six foot long wooden stick, and the other was beaten with injuries to his face.

The suspects have been charged with armed robbery and second degree robbery, in addition to being charged with a hate crime. An additional five years is added to any crime if convicted of a hate crime.

Lake Charles investigators say the suspects targeted the victims “because they were white.”