Posted on August 24, 2005

City Adopts Resolution to Keep Minutemen Out

David Crowder, El Paso Times, Aug. 24

Stepping into the border fray over the Minutemen, the El Paso City Council adopted a resolution inviting them to stay out of town.


The resolution, drafted by city Reps. Steve Ortega and Beto O’Rourke, was strongly supported by seven city representatives.

It asserted that the El Paso area’s economic future depends on “a spirit of cooperation and good will,” and that El Paso officials support law enforcement officers in enforcing the rule of law and “reject civilian attempts to enforce immigration law.”


A representative of the American Civil Liberties Union who just moved to El Paso from Arizona, Ray Ybarra, urged support for the measure, saying the Minuteman Civil Defense Corps volunteers represent “a message of hatred and intolerance.”

“The militarization of the border has led to more than 3,500 deaths, and the solution is not to try what has already failed,” he said.


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