Posted on June 14, 2005

Rock County Jail Inmates Charged With Hate Crimes in Beatings

Sid Schwartz, Janesville Gazette (Wi.), June 13

Four black men accused of repeatedly assaulting three white inmates in the Rock County Jail were arrested Sunday on charges of battery by an inmate as a hate crime.

The victims were dragged in jail cells and held while they were hit with fists and shower shoes, said Barbara Barrington-Tillman, commander of the Rock County Jail.

“Comments were made by the suspects that they were doing this to white guys and white guys were responsible for them being in jail,” Barrington-Tillman said.


The three white inmates were assaulted over a period of days, and were bruised on their legs and torsos, Barrington-Tillman said.

“The injuries were not clearly evident to correctional officers on duty,” Barrington-Tillman said. “Once we were made aware by one of the victims that this was going on, we took immediate action to move the inmates and conduct a thorough investigation that resulted in these charges.”