Posted on June 14, 2005

Congresswoman Proposes Amendment to US Constitution: Only Legal Citizens Counted

Conservative Voice, June 13

United States Representative Candice Miller today announced a bold proposal to change the way Congressional Districts are apportioned to the various states. The Congresswoman is calling for an amendment to the United States Constitution to ensure only legal citizens of the United States are counted and considered when Congressional Districts are allocated.

“I find it absolutely outrageous that people who are not in our country legally are having such a profound impact on our political system,” Miller said. “Every 10 years the census determines the number of Congressional districts allocated to each state and how those districts are drawn. If we continue to include illegal aliens in that count, we’ll allow criminals to steal the Congressional voice of honest, legal Americans. This is about fundamental fairness and the American ideal of ‘One Man; One Vote.”

Congresswoman Miller officially introduced the proposal earlier today on the House floor. It will now be referred to the House Judiciary committee.

Editor’s Note — The United States Constitution’s 14th amendment specifically requires all “persons” of a state be included. Currently, illegal aliens count as “persons” for this purpose. Congresswoman Miller is proposing to change that language to “citizens”.

Numbers Tell the Story:

Skewed Congressional Representation:

— 50% of all non-citizens live in 3 states (CA, NY, TX)

If Amendment had been adopted before 2000:

— California would have 6 fewer seats in U.S. House of Representatives

— New York, Florida, Texas would have 1 fewer seat

— Michigan, Indiana, Kentucky, Mississippi, Montana, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Utah would have 1 additional seat

# of Non-Citizen Residents:

California — 5,400,000

California 31st Congressional District — 252,057

Michigan — 280,000

Michigan 10th Congress District — 16,622

# of Voters in 2002:

— Michigan 10th — 216,928 — Kentucky 3rd — 229,074 — Utah 2nd — 224,098

— California 31st — 67,243 — California 47th — 70,178 — New York 12th — 84,765