Posted on May 19, 2005

Woman Injured During Protest At Monument

Christina L. Esparza, San Gabriel Valley Tribune (Los Angeles), May 16, 2005

A 66-year-old woman hurt during a protest at the Metrolink station over the weekend is recovering at home as police search for the person responsible for her injuries, officials said Monday.

The unidentified woman was released from Citrus Valley Medical Center Queen of the Valley Campus on Sunday, officials said.

She was hit in the head with a water bottle as she stood Saturday at the station with members of Save Our State, a group protesting the Danza Indigenas monument they say is un — American, racist and seditious.

A doctor at the hospital said she suffered an “inner cranial trauma,” police officials said.

Baldwin Park police Sgt. David Reynoso said police have a videotape of the incident and are still reviewing it to see if the culprit can be found.

Investigators also are looking to the public for answers. Anyone who saw the person who threw the bottle could come forward and remain anonymous if they wish.

“We understand people have the First Amendment right to assemble and free speech. We don’t discourage that,” Reynoso said. “What we do discourage is acts of violence, such as throwing water bottles. We ask people to keep calm, respect everybody and obey the laws.”


Baldwin Park Mayor Manuel Lozano said he blames Turner for the woman’s injuries because he took senior citizens to an event that could have become dangerous.

He contends Turner is preying on senior citizens to market “himself to make a big organization and spread his hatred throughout the region.”

“I was literally outraged,” Lozano said. “He should be held accountable for using senior citizens in that capacity.”

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