Posted on May 11, 2005

Undocumented Workers Could Get Home Help

Judith Davidoff, Capital Times (Madison, WI), May 10

Undocumented workers who pay Social Security taxes would be eligible for homeownership and housing rehab assistance from the city, under a proposal endorsed by the Board of Estimates.

The City Council will consider the measure next Tuesday.

In an interview, Barb Constans, grants administrator for the Community Development Block Grant Commission, said the commission took five months to come up with underwriting criteria to mitigate some of the risks the city would face in loaning funds to undocumented residents.

Under the proposal, for instance, undocumented residents would have to come up with at least a 5 percent down payment.

Constans said the city’s debt-to-income ratios are also more stringent than what many lenders’ require.

The proposal aims to help an “underserved population” in the city, she said. “These are individuals working in the U.S., earning money and paying taxes.”


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