Posted on May 5, 2005

Measure Would Penalize Employers of Illegal Immigrants

Howard Fischer, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), May 3

PHOENIX — State senators approved yet another measure Tuesday designed to crack down on illegal border crossers, but with a twist: This time they also want to go after the companies that hire them.

The underlying legislation makes even more services legally off limits to illegal entrants than Proposition 200 which was approved by voters in November.

For example, if HB 2030 becomes law, only citizens and legal residents could get adult education classes and subsidized child care. And students at state universities and community colleges would have to pay the higher tuition normally charged to out-of-state residents.

But senators first tacked on a series of amendments to also deal with the other side of the equation of illegal border crossers: They would financially penalize companies that are found guilty of violating federal law by knowingly hiring people not in this country legally.

For example, an employer would be denied tax credits and state contracts. Potentially more significant, a company would lose its state license to do business for six months for a first offense — and permanently for repeat violations.