Posted on May 5, 2005

Jury Rules Notorious Rapist Not a Danger

Michele McPhee, Boston Herald, May 4

A violent rapist who terrorized three Boston women at knifepoint for hours in 1982 — forcing two victims’ male partners to watch — is a free man after a jury ruled that he was not a “sexually dangerous person,” the Herald has learned.

Calvin F. Tate walked out of Cedar Junction state prison last week and is settling into a new life in Winchester, after skirting a state statute that would allow the Suffolk County District Attorney to keep him locked up as a sexual predator even after he finished his sentence.

“This guy terrorized his victims. He was considered the worst sexual deviant in the entire Massachusetts prison system,” said one Department of Corrections source. “No one can believe he got out. His crimes were as bad as they get. If they did not civilly commit him, they are not going to civilly commit anyone.”


However, a prison report indicates that Tate chose his victims based on race.

“The purpose in the assaults is sexual gratification from white women and to humiliate his victim’s male companions who represented authority and power,” the report read, according to the DOC.