Posted on May 18, 2005

Anti-Minuteman Site Promoting Sabotage, May 18

Calling Minuteman Project participants “hyper-patriotic bigots,” a new website is encouraging Americans to harass those involved in stemming illegal immigration on the Arizona-Mexico border.

The website,, is urging people to go to the desert border area to confuse and harass the Minuteman volunteers with actions such as blasting radios or banging pots and pans together.

“People might bring their friends, bring a radio, bring some pots and pans,” the site suggests. “You will most likely get harassed by the border patrol, but if the Minutemen are allowed to be out there then so are you. The border patrol may try to tell you that you have to leave, but they have no jurisdiction over legal U.S. residents and so people might be polite, humor them if possible, but not let them scare them off.”

The site commends those who are sabotaging the Minuteman Project, calling its participants “modern-day, white-hooded vigilantes.”

States the site: “We must let the Minutemen and the world know what people really think of their violent, racist plans. People are swarming the Minutemen and stoping [sic] this organized racism and hatred in its tracks.” further suggests people call the Minuteman Project office to tie up staff time: “We hear some people are calling them over and over and pretending to be a different person each time.”

There also is an e-mail campaign in which people are sending “very large attachments like high-resolution pictures or long documents about civil rights or the many ways to prepare bananas”—hoping to fill up Minuteman Project e-mail boxes.