Posted on April 5, 2005

Poll Sheds Light On Attitudes Toward Immigration

Howard Fischer, Arizona Daily Star (Tucson), Apr. 4

PHOENIX—Most Arizonans believe that the immigration

of the last few years has been bad for the country, according to a new statewide


The survey done by the Social Research Laboratory

at Northern Arizona University, also shows Arizonans would prefer to spend more

money to limit the flow of border crossers than to integrating new immigrants

into society. Conversely, few want to provide social services for undocumented


But Kristi Hagen, the laboratory’s interim

director, said Arizona residents are more evenly divided over whether the country

needs at least some of those who cross the border illegally. She pointed out

that slightly more than half of those questioned like the concept being pushed

by President Bush to let some people not in this country legally remain for

some time if they perform jobs not desired by U.S. citizens.

She also said there is sentiment among a sizeable

portion of Arizonans that the state needs policies to help integrate entrants

into society.


Q: Overall do you believe immigration of

people from other countries to the United States in recent years has been

good or bad for the country?



Not much difference—14%

Don’t know—9%

Q: Do you want to spend more or less on

these activities:

Activity / More / Less

Arizona border enforcement / 84% / 10%

Enforcing law that prohibit hiring of undocumented

immigrants / 70% / 23%

Deporting undocumented immigrants back to

their home countries / 61% / 32%

Legal services for immigrants wishing to

apply for legal residency / 51% / 40%

English language instruction for undocumented

immigrants / 46% / 48%

Programs to place undocumented immigrants

in jobs where workers are needed / 38% / 55%

Social services for undocumented immigrants

/ 19% / 73%

– Source: Social Research Laboratory,

Northern Arizona University