Posted on March 21, 2005

Tancredo Whacking Limbaugh in Online Presidential Poll, Mar. 20

In another sign Americans are looking for outlets to express their concerns over illegal immigration, Rep. Tom Tancredo, R-Colo., is handily beating conservative icon Rush Limbaugh in an online poll on who would make the best Republican candidate for president in 2008.


The poll is organized by a St. Louis Republican survey company that specializes in automated polling. Survey Saint Louis has been commissioned by Bush-Cheney ‘04, the Republican National Committee and several statewide candidates in Missouri.

The Tancredo-Limbaugh match-up is part of the company’s “Presidential March Madness” sweepstakes that began March 17 with pair-ups of 64 possible candidates for the GOP nomination in 2008. In the first round, Tancredo beat Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., 73.9 percent to 26.1 percent with more than 2,000 votes cast. Early voting in the Tancredo vs. Limbaugh contest showed the congressman with an even bigger percentage.

Tancredo has been the biggest vote-getter in the contest to date.