Posted on March 29, 2005

Protesters Picket Credit Union

Bonnie Stewart, Press-Enterprise (Riverside, Cal.), Mar. 27

Waving American flags and drawing honks and hoots from passing cars and trucks, about 40 protesters picketed the Altura Credit Union in Riverside Saturday because it allows non-U.S. citizens to open accounts using identification cards issued by Mexican consulates.

The protesters, some members of Citizens’ Alliance for a Secure America, or CASA, said the identification, called matricula consular, gives undocumented immigrants access to banking and other services that only citizens deserve and encourages more people to enter the country illegally.


Some of Saturday’s protesters opposed any immigration.

“We don’t need any more legal or illegal immigrants,” said Corona resident and retired postal worker Don Schenck, wearing a button that read: “What part of illegal don’t you get?”

“It should bother you if you drive by a school and see only one white student getting off the bus,” he said.

Saturday protester Lupe Moreno, 47, president of Santa Ana-based Latino Americans for Immigration Reform, said she and her husband divorced over the issue of illegal immigration.