Posted on March 2, 2005

Mexican Migrant Activists Brace For Arizona Anti-Migrant Patrols

AP, Mar. 1

MONTERREY, Mexico — While the Mexican government develops plans for legal action against civilian patrols expected to descend on the Arizona-Mexico border in April, activists said Tuesday they will show migrants how to avoid the volunteers.

The Minuteman Project, headed by Jim Gilchrist, a retired accountant and Vietnam War veteran, has recruited nearly 500 volunteers from across the United States to patrol the Arizona border for illegal migrants.


Francisco Loureira, a migrant rights activist who manages a shelter in Nogales, across from Nogales, Arizona, said he plans to distribute maps alerting migrants to the presence of the volunteers.

“The least we can do is prevent them from crossing where these anti-migrant people will be,” Loureira said.