Posted on March 22, 2005

Furor over Spanish Version Reopens Pledge Debate

Fredrick Kunkle, Washington Post, Mar. 20

Noelle Tepper considers herself a patriot. So when her daughter came home from Windsor Knolls Middle School in Frederick County a few weeks ago complaining that the school was broadcasting the Pledge of Allegiance in Spanish, she acted.

She called the principal. She dispatched e-mails to the Board of Education, the district’s interim superintendent and Michael L. Cady, vice president of the Board of County Commissioners. She called the practice “offensive and disrespectful to our country.”

Tepper said she had no problem promoting cultural diversity, but she considered translating the pledge into another language going too far.

“This is a SACRED oath,” Tepper wrote. “It is written in English. Our language is English. I am offended to hear it any other way. I am angry that my child is having to hear this in another language.”

More calls from parents came into the principal’s office, and as Tepper’s e-mail circulated among county officials, Cady (R) called on the school board to halt the practice. The practice was halted.