Posted on March 29, 2005

Activists to Monitor Border Vigil

Jerry Seper, Washington Times, Mar. 29

NACO, Ariz. — Dozens of members of civil rights and human rights groups are gathering here to monitor the 1,000 “Minuteman Project” volunteers who this weekend will begin notifying the Border Patrol of illegal aliens entering the United States.


“The purpose of legal observers is to deter abuses, document the actions of these individuals, and highlight the real tragedies that occur along the border,” said ACLU spokesman Ray Ybarra, adding that the organization will have lawyers on standby to file civil cases against the Minuteman volunteers.

“The vigilantes are symbolic of the fear and misunderstanding that exists in our society. While overcoming this attitude is the ultimate challenge that we as a society must strive for, we cannot sit idly by while those who are motivated by fear and misunderstanding attempt to take out their frustrations on a group of individuals who are simply in search of a better life,” he said.