Posted on February 22, 2005

Pizza Parlor Assailant Gets Four Years

Phil Trexler, Akron Beacon Journal, Feb. 17

Click here for a video on the incident

He never got his pizza, just a broken nose. And a concussion. And a chipped tooth.

All because someone cut in front of him while he waited in line.

On Wednesday, his assailant got his: four years in prison.

In less than an hour, jurors found Mark Jones, 35, of Akron guilty of felonious assault for delivering a startling beating vividly captured on videotape.

The beating took place while several male customers stood watching and waiting for food.


Sims, 31, then went outside and came back with Jones, a hulking 6-foot-4, 295-pound ex-con. She flicked Scarpino’s cheek and told Jones: “Take care of this white mother (expletive),” the victim told jurors.

Jones then cold-cocked Scarpino repeatedly, landing at least seven uninterrupted blows. Scarpino went down, but the fight wasn’t over. Jones lifted and dragged his body, searching for a cell phone he dropped.

The tape shows several men waiting in the pizza parlor, all of whom failed to stop the fight or aid Scarpino. One man remained at the counter, handling his money as he waited for pizza.