Posted on January 10, 2005

Rats, Garbage, Moved from Kenyan Market

AP, Jan. 6

NAIROBI — Workers at Kenya’s main market have killed some 6 000 rats, trucked away 750 tons of garbage and sucked 70 tons of human waste out of latrines in three days of the first major clean-up of the market in 30 years, an official said.

The Wakulima Market, which supplies fresh food to most of Nairobi’s three million residents, was a public health hazard, with rubbish piling up two metres deep in some places, said Local Government Minister Musikari Kombo on Tuesday.

“Was I shocked? I was traumatised by the rot,” Kombo told The Associated Press.

“We were lucky to be spared a major outbreak of disease.”


The council needs a major overhaul to end years of mismanagement, endemic corruption, fraud, embezzlement, misuse and waste of resources and outright abuse of office, said an investigative report presented to Kombo last August.