Posted on January 11, 2005

Our Policy on Illegals is Criminal

Dimitri Vassilaros, Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, Jan. 9

Illegal immigration is threatening our identity, figuratively speaking.

Literally, too.

As the federal government ponders whether to enforce our immigration laws or just rename this nation “New Mexico” and be done with it, many illegals already are changing the face of America by committing identity theft.

If you think this is a problem only along the porous border from California to Texas, you probably have not heard of John Morganelli. He has been the Northampton County district attorney for 13 years and is past president of the Pennsylvania District Attorneys Association.

Not only are illegals overrunning his Pennsylvania county next to New Jersey; they also are taking on new identities.

“Ninety-five percent of the identity theft cases in Northampton were committed by illegal aliens,” Morganelli said. “I really believe this is the No. 1 crime and security issue facing our country. But when we call immigration officials, they could not care less.”


Illegals also are destroying the quality of life for everyone near them. “We have areas with large concentrations of illegals, 30 to 40 in a house,” Morganelli said. “They usually wait outside to be picked up for work. And sometimes they try to lure in little girls. People are sick about it.”


There are 100,000 to 200,000 illegals in Pennsylvania, he said. It cost this state $13.3 million in 1999 to incarcerate predatory illegal aliens, but the feds only reimbursed the state $5 million. Pennsylvania taxpayers ponied up the rest.

“This is a growing problem,” Morganelli said.

Figuratively and literally.