Posted on January 7, 2005

Marrying Moms, Dads Need Apply

Adam Nichols, New York Daily News, Jan. 5

Unwed parents are being seduced into wedlock by a New York writer fighting to reverse an anti-marriage trend.

Author Maryann Reid is tempting couples with kids to take the plunge in a high-profile, all-expenses paid event — called Marry Your Baby Daddy Day.

She is looking for 10 couples who will tie the knot in an effort to halt a trend that, she claims, has 70% of black parents living outside wedlock.

“Everybody in the African-American community knows a baby mama or a baby daddy,” she said, using slang terms to refer to single parents.

“It’s almost become trendy in the black community to have children out of wedlock. I know women who feel discomfort about talking about marriage, as though this ‘baby mama’ stuff is the norm. It’s embarrassing.