Posted on January 13, 2005

E-Mail Tells of Marine’s Experience

Nbc5i TV (Dallas)

Below is a copy of the e-mail circulating throughout Dallas/Fort Worth about the treatment of a U.S. Marine at a local convenience store.

Subject: Marine refused service at local store

Thought I would pass this along.

On December 19th, 2004, my brother Jason F. Young Lance Corporal in the United States Marines was refused service at a convenience store named One Stop Grocery and Grill at 2001 8th Ave. in downtown Fort Worth, Texas.

He was refused service because he is a Marine.

He went in to the store and asked the clerk (a man of middle eastern descent) for a can of tobacco, at which point the clerk asked him if he was in the military. (He had on a USMC shirt) After my brother replied, “yes sir” the man said nothing to him and looked at the other middle eastern man in the back of the store. Then both men proceeded to go in to the storeroom and did not come out. My brother yelled back to them a time or two and they did not respond.

Jason waited a few minutes and finally left the store.

I am very proud of the way that my brother reacted to the situation. I can honestly say if it had been me I would have cleared their counter and taken my can of tobacco. It is not fair that these people come into our country and enjoy the freedoms that my brother and so many others have fought for. They do not respect our service men and women who have died for them to be able to be here. They do not respect our country, and personally I think they need to go back to where they came from.

My main point in writing this is to get the word out about this particular store and discourage people from shopping there. If they can’t respect or even sell to the people that are responsible for the rights they have, then they don’t deserve to be in business.

Please email this to everyone you know to discourage them from shopping at this store.

Heather M. Dowell

Demonstrators Picket Store After Marine Refused Service

Nbc5i (Dallas), Jan. 12

FORT WORTH, Texas — Family and friends of a Marine who reportedly was refused service at a Fort Worth convenience store staged a protest at the store Tuesday. The demonstration brought a sense of resolution to family members, according to NBC 5, after the store owner fired the employee who denied the service.


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