Posted on January 11, 2005

Commentary: Border and Limits

Kathleene Parker, Albuquerque Tribune, Jan, 5

Tom Barry, in a recent commentary, suggests that those who want to limit immigration are racist (“Politics of Hate,” Insight & Opinion, Dec. 16).

I say it is open-border advocates who fail this nation’s poor people and minorities, our environment and our future.

Barry errs in asserting the immigration reduction movement is unprecedented. History merely repeats. He argues that immigration reform diverts us from the real causes of social, environmental and economic woes. Rather, it goes to the very core.

Pulitzer-winning Time magazine reporter Donald Barlett, in a Sept. 20 cover story reported: “Never have I seen a more badly covered (news) subject, and there is no question it is a political-correctness issue. I find that offensive.”

Indeed, those who speak out about illegal immigration — and levels are three times higher than legal immigration during the Great Wave of 1880 to 1918 — are labeled racists or xenophobes. It seems the only debate some tolerate is no debate.


Meanwhile, we face overwhelmed emergency rooms, failing schools, gridlocked freeways, water shortages, sprawl, disappearing wildlife and poverty.

We delude ourselves if we believe our unprecedented growth and our soon-to-be Third World-like population offer anything but ever-worsening problems and a decreased standard of living.