Posted on December 27, 2004

Youth Cage Themselves in Zoo to Protest Against Discrimination

Press Trust of India, Dec. 21

Durban—In a unique protest, youth of a trade union movement in South Africa have caged themselves in a zoo at Pretoria to demonstrate their disapproval of what they claim to be reverse racism against the white community.

The youth executives of the Solidarity Trade Union movement have taken the unique and innovative action against the Government’s affirmative action policy, which they claim is discriminating against the white youth.

“The action was aimed at highlighting the marginalisation of white youth, who are leaving the country in thousands every year to seek job opportunities in other countries,” a spokesperson for the Solidarity Trade Union, Jaco Kleynhans said.

“The voluntary caging of some our members is the start of an attempt to muster support for efforts to persuade government to exempt young people from affirmative action,” Kelynhans said.

“More and more young South Africans leave the country after completing school or graduating because affirmative action mainly targets people entering the labour market for the first time.”

Kleynhans said the youth movement intended to form pressure groups at schools and co-operate with other organisations to gain support for its attempt to change the official affirmative action policy.

The action by the Solidarity Youth has already drawn wide reaction from both white and black people with whites supporting the action, while blacks say white youth should understand the government’s intentions.