Posted on December 13, 2004

Utahans Target Businesses To Fight Illegal Immigration

Valerie Richardson, Washington Times, Dec. 13

DENVER — A newly formed group of Utah residents is fighting to curb illegal immigration by confronting local businesses that knowingly hire undocumented aliens.

Leaders of the Citizens Council on Illegal Immigration, based in St. George, say they have watched with growing alarm as illegal aliens pour into their southwestern Utah community with little reaction from state or federal authorities.

“We’ve watched the Phoenix and Los Angeles areas disintegrate, and we fear the same thing is going to happen here,” said Phyllis Sears, a retired math teacher who chairs the four-month-old council.

The council’s “enforcement plan” calls for members to go door to door to local employers and discourage them from hiring undocumented workers. They offer information on the costs of illegal immigration for schools, hospitals, the legal system and local government and provide a toll-free number to check employees’ Social Security numbers.

Businesses that comply with laws forbidding the hiring of illegal aliens will receive awards and have their names listed in a registry that encourages residents to patronize their services. Those that fail to comply would be reported to local law enforcement.