Posted on December 15, 2004

Multicultural Shaping Of Teachers

Robert Holland, Washington Times, Dec. 15

Most American parents would be outraged if they knew how the education world’s multiculturalists are trying to shape new teachers before they go to work in public schools.


Howard Zinn’s “A People’s History of the United States,” a 750-page screed that depicts America as a continuing centuries-old conspiracy of rich white men to exploit minorities, is their hornbook. Many use it in their classrooms to demean America’s Founders.

They want to mold future teachers into agents of social transformation who will reject the continuing Anglo/Western influences on the core curriculum and denounce what they contend is a legacy of unrelenting oppression that should cause all white Americans to carry a heavy burden of guilt.

That much becomes clear when the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME) convenes annually (as it did recently in Kansas City), and professors and teachers from all 50 states gather in more than 200 workshops to lay bare their agendas.


Their hearts bled in particular for English-language learners, the immigrant children who now constitute one-tenth of the U.S. school population. As did others at this conference, the presenters were bitter at inroads made in federal and state law to jettison so-called bilingual education in favor of English immersion.

At a general session, one California activist wailed that “[immigrant] families are torn apart by children who no longer share their language and culture.” What to do? She said new teachers should be taught to “resist,” to take back the curriculum.


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