Posted on December 16, 2004

Afrikaner Charities

Dear Sirs:

In this holiday season, I am sure that many of your readers are wondering what they can do to help white people around the world. I know that it often seems as though there is very little that can be proactively done to help those of European descent.

Given this, I am pleased to relay to you three fine charities that work exclusively with the increasingly impoverished and threatened Afrikaner people in southern Africa. All three are fine organizations staffed by committed individuals. I have no stake in any of these and am merely passing this information on in hopes that it will reach some of the right people.

I cannot stress how important it is that those of us in residually affluent North America do everything we can to help the Afrikaner people. These people have been abandoned by the international community, and most “cosmopolitan” types would greet their demise with glee. Given this, I would implore everyone to contribute as much as you can this holiday season. Remember, there is no mainstream politician or pundit that is going to make this a national issue. If anything is going to help the Afrikaners, it’s going to come from readers of this website. Please, if you can, make a donation in as large a quantity as you can possibly afford.

I should also point out that an international bank transfer, while somehwat costly, should be considered the only way to transfer money to South Africa. The “New South Africa” is so corrupt that your checks have a dismal chance of arriving. I learned this the hard way—after two out of three checks mailed to SA never arrived, I got tired of paying check cancellation fees.

Again, this is not a cheap proposition, but the survival of the Afrikaners will depend largely on whether or not the viewers of this site put their money where their mouth is. In the interest of brevity I have not attached any other information other than the URL’s—general descriptions and bank transfer information for both the Afrikaner Charity and Tabita can be found at


Kinders Van Der Lieg (Children of the Light): this is a charity dedicated to helping “at-risk” Afrikaner children in South Africa. Most of this Web page is in Afrikaans, but they do have an English page, which I have provided below.


Afrikaner Charity: a general aide organization for Afrikaners


Tabita: This organization is dedicated to helping the victims of the genocidal farm attacks now plaguing South Africa.


Jonathan Armstrong