Posted on November 24, 2004

Blonde Jokes To Be Banned?

Ananova, Nov. 23

Blonde jokes are set to be banned in Hungary after blonde women staged an angry protest outside parliament.

The protestors handed in a petition claiming they were being discriminated against in every walk of life by bad taste blonde jokes.

And spokeswoman Zsuzsa Kovacs said: “Blondes face discrimination in the job market, in the workplace when they get a job, and even on the streets.

“People are banned from discriminating against Jews, or blacks, so why not grant blondes the same protection.”

The petition was handed to the equal opportunities minister Kinga Goncz asking her to investigate whether jokes about blondes fall into the same category as religious discrimination.

The petition was just short of the 100,000 needed to force Parliament to debate the matter but Goncz’s deputy who spoke to the crowd pledged the government would act to stop any discrimination.

Blondes — real and bleached — protested outside the ministry as the petition was handed in, waving banners with slogans like ‘We’re blonde, not stupid’ and Love us for our minds.