Posted on September 29, 2004

Former Prisoner Identifies Legitimate Terror Targets

DR Nyheder (Frederiksberg, Denmark)

A Danish born former Guantanamo prisoner did not break the law when he told Danish media that Danish ministers and soldiers are legitimate terror targets.

In an interview with the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, former prisoner Slimane Abderahmane identified both the Danish Prime Minister and the Defence Minister as legitimate terror targets for radical Islamic organisations.

The Defence Minister said afterwards that he did not know whether these intolerable and offensive threats were illegal.

Nonetheless, spokesmen from both the government and the opposition agreed with legal experts in saying that it would not be possible to press charges against Abederahmane on the basis of his statements.

Abderahmane himself said later that he while did not intend to promote violence or terrorism, it had to be said that Denmark was at war with an Islamic nation and that made its leaders legitimate targets according to Islam.