Posted on August 19, 2004

Tancredo Doesn’t Want Write-In Vote

Denver Post, Aug. 8

Anti-immigration activists may want to write in Tom Tancredo for president, but the Littleton Republican congressman says he opposes his own non-campaign.

“We always try to discourage that,” said Tancredo spokesman Carlos Espinosa. “This race is too close and too important for anyone to waste the vote.”

The Washington Times, a conservative daily, wrote last week that Tancredo has become the vote of choice for “anti-Bush Republicans” outraged by the president’s pro-immigration positions.

Fanning the flames are such websites as and Dan Stein, director of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, says thousands of immigration policy critics affiliated with his group plan to write in Tancredo. He thinks the threat of losing conservative votes in swing states such as Arizona, where immigration is a hot topic, has caused Bush to back off his plan to ease immigration laws.

“The administration has backed off so far, you can’t find it anywhere,” Stein said.

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