Posted on August 10, 2004

Not A Team To Root For

J. B Cash, Caste Football, Aug. 9

For those people that oppose the caste system of discrimination against white athletes, the loss of the US Olympic Basketball team to the Italian team was a significant event. The all-white Italian team crushed, by 17 points, an all-black team made up of some of the best players the NBA has to offer. While it is true that some of the very best NBA players opted not to play, the ones that did play certainly represent a team of great talent. After all, the US used to win international matches going away with just a collection of college players.

Unfortunately for the US team the supposed superiority of black athletes did not do them any good. No amount of superior bone density, fast twitch muscles, or running and jumping ability, could save them this time. As Caste Football has often pointed out there is more to athletic skill then just physical ability. If this US team could be considered a “playoff caliber” team in the NBA, just imagine what the Italian team could do in the NBA.

It really isn’t any surprise that an all-white team from another part of the world could manhandle an all black US contingent. White players have a significant advantage genetically in basketball and that is in their superior hand-eye coordination. Even in the heavily anti-white NBA last season, out of the top 10 free throw shooters, 6 were white. For three-point accuracy 5 of ten were white. This with whites only making up 20% of the league population and a smaller percentage of starters and regular players. And putting the ball in the hoop is what it’s all about. Italy proved that by making 15 of 35 3-point shots (.429) and a phenomenal 22 of 27 free throws (.815); while the US shot 4 of 13 (.308) 3-pointers, and 16 of 29 (.552) free throws.

Chris Ballard, who writes “The daily blog” for wrote:

Players like Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Richard Jefferson, Lamar Odom and LeBron James are all talented, young and crazy athletic, but I’d bet any one of them would lose to one of those scrawny Italian dudes in a 3-point shootout. The U.S. should have recruited a pass-friendly, zone-breaking NBA gunner like Brent Barry (or even a one-trick pony like Wesley Person or Kyle Korver would have done the trick) rather than loading up on a surplus of athletic wing guys. A big man who can pass from the high post and shoot jumpers — Brad Miller? — would have been a welcome addition, as well

Brent Barry, Kyle Korver, Brad Miller? Trivia quiz: what do all 3 of these players have in common. Correct! They’re white. Something that cannot be said of any of the other members of Team USA.

Despite this loss the US team can still win it all. They are still very talented basketball players. However, this game shows that the US has been winning Olympic gold and dominating in international competition not because of the “crazy athletic” blacks on the team but rather because all of the white players around the world needed time to learn the game. Now that that’s done we can sit back and enjoy the European invasion taking place in the NBA.

Some people have told me that they are uncomfortable rooting against the US team but found themselves doing it anyway during this game. They say they felt like traitors. But I don’t know why? It’s just a game. The outcome is not of vital national interest. Furthermore one should not feel uncomfortable rooting for those of one’s own race against another race anyway. It’s natural and normal. Certainly few criticize black people for doing it. When blacks rush to support an OJ Simpson, or a Michael Jackson, or any number of criminals that they riot in support of, virtually nobody thinks anything about it. So why shouldn’t it be perfectly acceptable for white people to cheer for other whites?

If your son or daughter was playing for another country would you root for them? Isn’t race just extended family? For instance I have some Italian ancestors. It’s possible that someone on the basketball team is a distant relative. At any rate they are all European, just as are all of my ancestors. Additionally I know of no good reason to feel any kinship towards the players on the US team. Other then being forced to finance them through my tax dollars given to the Olympic committee I have nothing in common with them.

In point of fact I don’t even like them. They are all urban blacks that support and represent a culture I abhor. I know the culture they come from. They despise the things I value. Our country’s heroes, like George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and James Madison, are considered evil slave owners by their culture. Their culture is violent and unpleasant. It has destroyed the once beautiful cities of America. It is unsafe to travel in the inner cities, the place that produces an Allan Iverson or Lebron James. I have traveled all over Italy and never experienced the fear I feel in our large cities. In fact you can go all over Europe and not find a frightening ghetto similar to the ones that exist in the US. Actually I should clarify that. There are now areas in Europe that are unsafe. The reason? African immigrants.

I also see no reason to cheer for US blacks in other Olympic events such as track and field. If they compete against a white athlete from another country I will root against them. I doubt that the athletes would mind. They have no qualms against living, training, and earning a living in the US then competing as a member of the Jamaican or Bahamian Olympic team. It is my experience that most black people don’t even seem to like the United States. They speak about the USA like it is a foreign government that kidnapped them and brought them here. I’m sure they only compete for the US because of the money they will get in endorsements and sponsorship. If their “patriotism” can be so shallow, them my “patriotism” can be based on those I consider members of my culture, my race, and my family.