Posted on August 5, 2004

Nice Try, Barack Obama

Jimmie Walker, Jewish World Review, Aug. 4

The Illinois state senator gave a moving speech at the recently completed Democratic Convention. The Democrats rejoiced as they hailed Mr. Obama and his speech as a momentous event — as a speech with great sentiment. But was it really?

“There’s not a Liberal America and a Conservative America, there is the United States. . . There’s not a Black America and a White America and Latino America and Asian America. . . there’s the United States of America.”

That’s a nice thought. Too bad but it’s not true.

The Democrats and the Republicans BOTH have committees especially set up to capture the Latino vote, just as they do to win the Black vote. There is the Congressional Black Caucus. There is the Latino Congressional Caucus. Trent Lott, senator from Mississippi, lost his chairmanship because of making what many deemed a racist remark.

In the media, there is Fox News, which is well known as a conservative outlet. There is BET, Black Entertainment Television, geared for a Black audience. If someone wants to communicate with the Black radio audience, The Tom Joyner Show Radio is your source. In Los Angeles the number one and two radio stations — are Latino. And both presidential candidates have ads in Spanish running on those stations. The talk of the year is Michael Moore, a well-known George Bush and conservative bashing film maker.

Even on Mr. Obama’s website, he’s lists himself as the first African-American President of The Harvard Law Review.

In actuality, his “remarkable” speech itself was “formula”, preying on what people wanna believe but ultimately know isn’t true.

Mr. Obama, even though a fluke, is going to be what the media people have Predicted will be “the only Black senator in the Senate in 2005.”

In our “reality-TV-based-society,” the reality is that our society is more polarized than ever. That’s the case whether you talk about politics, the media, education, housing, or friendships. The list goes on and on. While Mr. Barack’s speech was a nice sentiment, it’s far from reality.

Miguel Estrada, a Hispanic Judge, has been nominated for higher office — even though he is qualified, the main reason for nominating him was because he was both conservative and Hispanic. And yet the Latino Congressional Committee has denounced him as not being “Hispanic”, but an Anglo.

Yes, Mr. Barack, we live in the United States of America. But we are far from united.