Posted on August 2, 2004

‘Illegal’ Angst On Air

Alicia Robinson, L. A. Times, Jul. 29

Either Rep. Dana Rohrabacher or Rep. Chris Cox could be on the chopping block, at least with conservative talk-radio listeners, after being guests on KFI’s The John & Ken Show on Tuesday.

Cox and Rohrabacher were among five Southern California Republican representatives the show’s hosts have called to account for their party’s lack of action to stop illegal immigration, show co-host John Kobylt said Wednesday.

Listeners are angry that Republicans in Congress aren’t doing anything substantial about the illegal immigration problem, so the show launched a “political human sacrifice” poll to see who should be voted out of office, Kobylt said.

. . .

Of the representatives targeted on the radio show — the others were San Dimas Rep. David Dreier, Palm Springs Rep. Mary Bono and Vista Rep. Darrell Issa — Rohrabacher probably has the least to worry about. He’s long been on record as a fighter of illegal immigration. An earlier listener poll had Dreier as least popular with Cox in second place. Rohrabacher was fifth.