Posted on July 6, 2004

Third Parties Making Life Difficult For Bush, Kerry

Steve Miller, Washington Times, July 6, 2004

The Constitution Party has nominated a presidential candidate who wants to outlaw abortion.

Meanwhile, the Libertarian Party’s presidential hopeful — Michael Badnarik — is taking pokes at President Bush, saying he is weak on gun rights.

Independent candidate Ralph Nader’s 5 percent in the presidential polls remains durable and reliable, even as he continues to hit obstacles in his ballot-access bids.

Third parties, the bane of the political establishment, are making things tough on Mr. Bush and Democratic presidential candidate Sen. John Kerry, at least rhetorically.

Michael A. Peroutka, who accepted the Constitution Party nomination June 25, appeared last week at a rally in Seattle with former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore. Mr. Moore was removed from the bench last year after defying a federal judge’s order to take down a monument of the Ten Commandments from the rotunda of the Alabama Judicial Building.

Mr. Peroutka said his first priority as president would be to outlaw abortion, followed by establishing a government that acknowledges God.

He added that government’s purpose is not to provide health care or to educate children, and said such efforts are “socialist goals right out of the Communist Manifesto,” said a report in the Seattle Times.

By aligning himself with Mr. Moore, the candidate seeks to garner some Republican voters who are unhappy with Mr. Bush’s expansion of government and decry the country’s move toward secularism.

Mr. Badnarik, aware that his party pulls more disenchanted Republicans than anyone from the left, is taking a stab at Mr. Bush’s efforts to mainstream his message at the expense of issues.

Gun rights have long been among the issues for Libertarians, and many took note when the Gun Owners of America issued an alert that Sen. Dianne Feinstein, California Democrat, was considering slipping her proposal to ban semiautomatic weapons into another bill, perhaps this week.

The president, Mr. Badnarik said, has promised to sign a ban on semiautomatic weapons, but Republican lawmakers have prevented the measure from reaching a vote.

“That Feinstein would use parliamentary procedure to slip in yet another attempt to deprive us of one of our most fundamental individual rights is not surprising,” Mr. Badnarik said. “The even scarier issue is that Bush has already promised, in advance, to sign such a bill.

“Clearly, when an issue as major as the assault weapons ban is supported by Feinstein, [Sen. Charles E.] Schumer [New York Democrat], Bush and [Sen. John W.] Warner [Virginia Republican], it is yet another indication that both of the major parties are, in fact, the same.”

Meanwhile, the Green Party rebuffed Mr. Nader and nominated David Cobb. Mr. Nader continues to fight for ballot access in some key states.

In Arizona, the Nader campaign last week was thwarted in its ballot access bid by two Democratic voters, who filed a lawsuit challenging the validity of a petition the campaign had submitted to get on the ballot.

“The Democratic Party is doing everything it can to keep us from getting on ballots,” Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese said. “It shows a real insecurity on their part and it shows that they are not confident that their candidate can get enough votes.”

Comments from Readers

From: Sissy White

Third Parties are great…as Govenor Wallace said “There is not a dime’s worth of difference between the Democrats and Republicans.” Tweedle Dumb(or Dumber) and Tweedle Dee. Everyone should vote…go to the polls in November and vote in local elections and boycot or vote Third Party candiates for the presidential election. Hopefully we will have 20-30% not voting for the 2 plutocratic special interest establishment parties.

From: John Ruskin

Every 4 years it gets worse, doesn’t it? Two “Skull & Bones” losers to pick from, and the market researchers in both parties tell them that PEOPLE VOTE AGAINST, NOT FOR.

From: Mikael Widmark

Clearly, the Constitution Party seems to be the best choice for white Americans. Bush&Kerry are both hispandering traitors and the Libertarian Party are to the extent that is possible even worse on immigration. Ralph Nader is somewhat better than Bush&Kerry but is still bad and he also favors affirmative action.

That leaves the Constitution Party who has deportation of illegals as one of their main issues (Although unfortunately abortion seems to be a even bigger issue) and who also favor reducing legal immigration and abolishing affirmative action. In their ad on the American Conservative page “Illegal immigrants-deported” is one of the things they say would happen if Peroutka won. Of course, Peroutka have no chance whatsoever of actually winning,but if Bush lost some state and Peroutka got more votes than Bush’s losing margin to Kerry, this would send a message to the Republicans to s their treason and nominate a man like Tom Tancredo in 2008.

From: Barney Thomas

I’d sure like to see the Constitution Party make some big waves in this election. This party is the only hope for the country I went to war for. I’m especially pleased that mass immigration is one of their major themes. It is the root of numerous national problems — overcrowding, jammed prisons, jammed roads, water depletion, high taxes, a collapsed medical system, ruined schools, etc.

I would love to see a massive effort to deport all illegal aliens. It would be tantamount to nuclear war, and we’d finally understand the dire threat to our country when thousands of illegals, and their scum promoters, rioted in the streets. Maybe then Americans will wake up and demand that the “government” enforce and secure our borders. We are currently being sold down the river, cheap, by the elected insects in Washington. Without such an effort, the day will surely come when illegal aliens will reach 25 million, 50 million, even 100 million. The wreteched of the earth are on the march, the their destination is America and place on the welfare gravy train. We will go bankrupt, and be left with a ruined land filled with third worlders who hate the native white and black Americans. How I despise what is happened to our beloved country, and the people who are destroying it.