Posted on July 9, 2004

Talk Radio: The Great Communicator

George Putnam,, July 9, 2004

It is this reporter’s opinion that we are witnessing a broadcasting phenomenon: instant communication, instant reaction. They call it TALK RADIO. The politicians have discovered its value more than most. They know there is nothing as formidable as a potential voter — telephone in one hand, ballots in the other — and the demand to be heard.

Several examples come to mind. In January of 2004 President Bush launched his ill-fated worker program. He proposed that foreigners — illegal aliens — be brought into this country for a three-year work period and that at the end of three years if all went well, they would add another three years. There was such an uproar on talk radio that Bush almost immediately withdrew his proposal. Those opposed to his plan charged that, though the president didn’t call it that, it was amnesty — that he was actually handing out citizenships by the back door.

Talk radio ended the president’s proposal. Have you heard of it since?

Here in California Governor Schwarzenegger, striving to balance his budget, proposed a way to cut back costs at the dog pounds. His idea was to shorten the waiting period for the euthanization of the ill-fated animals from a six-day waiting period to three days. Animal activists and others went berserk and again, talk radio carried the message and the governor ran for cover, returning things to the way they were.

Another big issue — driver’s licenses for illegal aliens (previously rejected) — was rejuvenated and the governor, through talk radio, was hit by overwhelming opposition.

By far the biggest uproar came in June when the Temecula border patrol station formed a special mobile patrol group to conduct a series of illegal alien sweeps in three inland communities. A 12-man group made more than 450 arrests resulting in praise and scorn. These border patrolmen who had taken an oath to protect our borders — our sovereignty — were under severe attack for doing their assigned duty.

Activists launched a vicious attack on the border patrol for simply doing their job — for doing what the government pays them to do. A Cardinal Barnes led the attack, directing that pro illegal alien activity be supported by the Catholic Church and it was discovered that the Mexican consulates were spearheading the opposition activity. Then Undersecretary of land Security Asa Hutchinson, bowing to pressure from the Mexican government, told members of Congress that the raids had been executed without the approval of higher ranking officials, that they’d violated policy and the chain of command.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection Commissioner, Robert Bonner issued a directive that future enforcement operations in the outlying areas surrounding checkpoints would have to be approved by border patrol headquarters IN WASHINGTON. Morale at the Temecula border patrol station sunk to its lowest level. The woman director of that installation resigned after 23 years of dedicated duty. And when talk radio called border patrol agents, they were told the agents had been muzzled; they were not to speak on the subject. But it didn’t s there.

The White House entered the fray. Citizens had been calling, e-mailing, and faxing Asa Hutchinson in support of efforts to round up and boot out illegals in such great numbers that Hutchinson complained he was overwhelmed, that he couldn’t get his work done. Trey Bohn, a White House media spokesperson, called several talk show hosts demanding they remove Hutchinson’s e-mail address and phone numbers from their Web sites. These calls are coming from the White House daily. Talk radio is refusing to budge.

If you are as concerned as we are, it’s time to speak up and remind the president that Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution is explicit: “The United States shall guarantee to every state in this union a republican form of government and shall protect each of them against INVASION and against domestic violence.”

Why has no action been taken to terminate the illegal invasion of the United States by foreign nationals? Are we bowing to the Mexican government? Why has there been no deportation of those who are here illegally? Why has there been no criminal action taken against those who employ them? As this is written, California Congressman Rohrabacher is putting forth legislation that will s an ill-conceived plan that could afford the benefits of Social Security to illegal aliens from Mexico — another outrage! What next?

Talk radio today is the greatest weapon in the battle for our sovereignty at the grassroots and the heart of America. It is the great communicator that keeps its citizens informed and provides them with a forum wherein we all have the opportunity to have our voices heard. It provides the best opportunity to speak up as often as possible while America continues to be under attack.

Here are some phone numbers for citizens to voice their opinions on this subject:

Border Patrol phone: 619-216-4182

Border Patrol fax: 619-216-4047

Washington office: 202-927-1422

Asa Hutchinson: 202-282-8010

You have the telephone, you have the ballot — now do what is right!! Speak up America!