Posted on July 12, 2004

Call Denver Officials and Media about Black-on-White Assaults

European-American Issues Forum, Jul. 11

Calling All Americans Who Are Willing to Demand that Justice Be Done:

It is obvious that the Officials of the City of Denver refuse to acknowledge that marauding African American men targeted innocent European American Whites on June 13, 2004, for beatings, punchings, kickings and being dragged out of their cars. Below is a letter to the Governor of Colorado, demanding that he protect all citizens equally, and a list of City Officials with their Phone, Fax and e-mail addresses.

Please contact them and demand that they equally protect ALL Americans, including European American Whites Citizens

Mayor John Hichenlooper (720) 865-9000 Fax (720) 865-8787

Chief of Police Gerald R. Whitman (720) 913-65-27 Fax (720) 913-7029

Governor Bill Owens — (303) 966-2471 Fax (303) 866-2003

TV Patti Dennis — -News Director

European/American Issues Forum

CW Kuhn, Secy.Frank P. Williams, Treasurer,

Louis Calabro, President

July 12, 2004

Honorable Bill Owens, Governor

State of Colorado

136 State Capitol

Denver, CO 80203-1792

Dear Governor Owens:

The European/American Issues Forum, a moderate and thoughtful Bay Area civil rights organization respectfully requests that you exercise your duty under the Colorado Constitution that requires that you ensure that all laws are being followed.

City Officials in Denver Colorado are refusing to provide equal protection to all citizens of Denver by denying that racially motivated hate crimes were committed against European American white citizens.

On June 13, 2004 African American thugs videotaped themselves beating, punching, kicking and dragging innocent whites from their cars as the bars closed in the trendy “LoDo” section of Denver. The Mayor, Chief of Police and other Denver City officials refuse to release the video to the public. Denver TV Channel 9News obtained a copy of the video and confirmed that 3 of the 4 victims are clearly white males, and the 4th is unidentified. It is believed that their are four additional white victims.

It is frightening to us that the City refuses to treat European American whites as first class citizens with the same rights and privileges granted to all other racial groups. This kind of treatment of European American whites in not uncommon in America.

We ask your help in sping this racist and bigoted behavior by City of Denver officials, and to use all the power of your office to bring about Justice for all European American whites, and to ensure that they prosecute these attacks as racially motivate hate crimes. Thank you. We ask you, and all cc’ed to contact us immediately.


Louis Calabro, President