Posted on August 26, 2019

David Koch: Another Dead White Male Racist

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, August 26, 2019

Libertarian activist and philanthropist David Koch died last week. Conservatives mourned. Liberals rejoiced. David Koch’s contributions to cancer research and the fine arts did not protect him from their contempt.

“He and his brother have done more than anybody to fund climate deniers for decades,” said Bill Maher. “So f**k him, the Amazon is burning up, I’m glad he’s dead, and I hope the end was painful.” USA Today called these remarks “candid.”

Countless others celebrated, including celebrities such Bette Midler. Some hoped his brother Charles would die soon.

Many Twitter users called the late Mr. Koch “racist” or “racist-enabling.”

If he wasn’t a “racist,” he was a “liar.”

David Koch was the Libertarian Party’s 1984 vice-presidential candidate. He wanted to abolish Social Security, welfare, the Federal Reserve, and the minimum wage. In later years, he and his brother exercised enormous influence through their network of activist organizations, nicknamed the “Kochtopus.” This included many “free market” groups, notably Americans for Prosperity, the American Future Fund, FreedomWorks, and Generation Opportunity. Journalists and Democratic politicians claimed for years the Koch Brothers were the “puppet masters” of the American Right.

There’s some truth to this, though not in the way progressives mean. Koch money ensures that populist movements serve the rich. Thus, American workers angry about vanishing jobs, endless immigration, and cultural collapse end up supporting a conservative movement that delivers free trade, cheap labor, and libertine social policy. The Left benefits from the “Kochtopus” because it ties conservatives to unpopular economic policies. The Kochs’ corporate lobbying machine sabotaged any nationalist, populist movement that could potentially challenge the power structure.

David Koch (Credit Image: © Nancy Kaszerman/

The Left further benefited because the Koch Brothers were on their side on critical issues. Their network supported mass immigration, “criminal justice reform,” and amnesty. It gave various pro-amnesty groups millions of dollars; one is “Libre Initiative,” a Hispanic group that lobbies for more immigration and “free markets.”

“Libre Initiative” has failed to win over Hispanics to free markets. A recent Pew poll found most Hispanics “have positive impressions” of the term socialism. Mass immigration, however, continues, and the Hispanics the Kochs worked so hard to import will elect more representatives like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

The Koch network did not support Donald Trump in 2016, and in 2018, it lobbied Republicans to support amnesty for millions of illegal aliens. The President called the Koch brothers a “total joke.”

The network won’t support the President in 2020.

Charles Koch reportedly pressured his ailing brother into retirement about a year ago. Charles has since sided with George Soros, the Anti-Defamation League, Comcast NBC Universal, and others to fight “hate and extremism online.” The Koch network is also reportedly supporting Democrats. Yet when Charles Koch dies, liberals again will be delighted.

Conservatives often boast about their progressive achievements and anti-racism. They presumably expect liberals’ praise.

“Democrats are the real racists” is the original cuckservative meme. Rather than challenging progressive premises, many conservatives try to beat liberals at their own game. Dinesh D’Souza built his career doing this, but sell-outs are never rewarded. Instead, liberals attack them for not staying in perfect lockstep with them. You can’t appease people who want to destroy you.

Progressives accurately see Western Civilization as white civilization. The Left wants to subvert that civilization. The late David Koch helped them, but progressives think he’s just another dead white male racist.