Posted on January 18, 2018

The Left vs. Natural Instincts

John Gorman, American Renaissance, January 18, 2018

The more you see of Leftists, the more you realize that what they are really trying to abolish is human nature — pretty much at every level.

They have done their best to attach labels to many of our most basic instincts, labels which make them sound like either mental illnesses or moral failings.

Being mildly repulsed by homosexuals is a natural enough feeling for most guys, and there’s a strong evolutionary reason for men to feel this way. But Leftists claim that men who are put off by gay guys suffer from a disorder, homophobia.

A phobia is an extreme, irrational fear. Yet I know of no heterosexual man for whom seeing a gay guy induces the same sort of sweaty-palmed, heart-pounding panic that, say, a turbulent airplane flight or a nearby rattlesnake does.

We’re constantly told that gay men can’t help but be attracted to other men, and that only clueless conservatives would regard homosexuality as a “lifestyle choice.” Yet when heterosexual men are attracted to slender women but not fat ones, they’re lambasted for their “patriarchal” sense of beauty. Yet heterosexual men can’t help whom they’re attracted to anymore than homosexual men can.

Once again, it’s a natural instinct which is at fault.

(By the way, are gay men ever faulted for not being attracted to “bears?” I doubt it.)

When men are attracted to women, then, by definition, they see those women as sex objects. But this, too, is now considered a mortal sin. It is “dehumanizing” and “chauvinist.”

The Left is at war with our instincts.

Should anyone suggest that a woman would be better off if she lost weight, that person has engaged in “fat shaming.” (Somehow, this concept doesn’t apply to similar suggestions to men.)

For boys to be hyperactive and have short attention spans is quite natural; it’s how boys evolved to learn (they didn’t evolve to sit still in a schoolroom for seven hours a day). Yet the teaching establishment, which generally runs both liberal and female, has labeled their natural rambunctiousness as attention deficit disorder. And it feels these boys must be medicated.

Feeling loyalty to and sticking up for your own tribe is a natural instinct; any group which didn’t feel this way would have gone extinct long ago. Yet while the Left encourages every other group to do this, they hate it when people of European descent do it.

Not only is this hypocritical, it goes against one of the most basic instincts we have.

Recognizing patterns is one of the most basic forms of human intelligence; in fact, most IQ tests incorporate pattern recognition. And being leery of a group which is hostile to your culture and also more likely to commit terrorism is basic pattern recognition. Yet the Left has labeled this, too, as an extreme and irrational fear: Islamophobia.

Being afraid of a group more predisposed towards violence is also the most basic, necessary kind of self-preservation instinct. But that is now equated with a moral sin, racism.

There is no group in human history which has wanted to share their territory with invaders; yet those who aren’t in favor of turning the West into the world’s dumping ground — which goes against every human instinct — are also now painted as morally wanting by the Left.

Basically, what Leftist doctrine boils down to is that four million years of human evolution has programmed us the wrong way.

But unfortunately — or fortunately, depending on your point of view — our deeply rooted instincts are not about to change to accommodate the intellectual fashions of the moment. Especially not when those fashions are so transparently hypocritical.

The Left has overplayed its hand; and its reward is Donald Trump.

It’s hard not to suspect that he’s just the beginning.