Does Juan Williams Really Want “Honest Discussion?”

Jason Daugherty, American Renaissance, February 3, 2012

The news analyst finds racism around every corner.

In a Monday article in The Hill, Juan Williams of Fox News accused Republican Presidential candidates of using racist “code words” in their campaigns. In comments reminiscent of Eric Holder in his “nation of cowards” speech, Mr. Williams called for an “honest debate” on why hard-working poor people cannot find good jobs. He claimed that “a lack of work ethic on the part of the poor, who are disproportionately minorities” is not the problem. But the last thing Mr. Williams or Mr. Holder wants is an “honest debate.”

Mr. Williams’ article was about the January 16 Republican debate in South Carolina, in which he was one of the moderators. It soon became clear that Mr. Williams’ main purpose that night was to ask questions about race, especially about blacks. Rick Santorum, Rick Perry, and Ron Paul all tiptoed through the muddy water and emerged from their racial litmus tests relatively unscathed. Newt Gingrich, however, shot back at Mr. Williams’ racial guilt-tripping, and got a standing ovation from the South Carolina crowd. Mr. Gingrich’s refusal to back down was probably a major reason why the former Speaker triumphed in the South Carolina primary—his only win thus far. (Some  people think he got the ovation because of his ringing endorsement of equal treatment for people of all races, and not for standing up to Mr. Williams. Watch the exchange below and let us know what you think by posting a comment.)

But Mr. Williams has refused to let the encounter fade. In Monday’s article, he accused Mr. Gingrich of using “the same rhetorical technique of the segregationist politicians of the past,” and “playing to the American people’s resentment of liberal elites, minorities, and poor people.” What Mr. Gingrich really did was much simpler: He stood up to a race-obsessed black news analyst, and scored points with the relatively race-conscious electorate of South Carolina.

Mr. Williams’ race obsession is not hard to see. On Martin Luther King Day he wrote an article called “How Race Plays out in the 2012 Campaign,” in which he joined Mr. Holder in accusing Republicans of trying to suppress black and Hispanic voter turnout (read: prevent widespread voter fraud) in South Carolina and other states. In both this and his more recent article, Mr. Williams gloried the fact that the United States is becoming more colored, even though this is almost entirely due to an increasing Hispanic, not black, population. If Mr. Williams thinks Hispanics will be nearly as receptive as whites to black cries for pity, he is mistaken.

Mr. Williams seems to have an ability to read racism into just about anything whites say or do. He suggested that appeals to the Constitution and the Founding Fathers resonate with white voters who want to hold blacks down. According to Mr. Williams, anyone (inside the GOP, at least) who complains about “entitlement” or a “poor work ethic” is really just demonizing blacks.

Mr. Williams finishes his latest article by admonishing GOP candidates to focus on the “real issues” of minority poverty, unemployment, and hopelessness. But how are GOP candidates or anybody else supposed to do this when any reference to the real problems that afflict blacks are decried as racist “code words?” Mr. Williams and his ilk do not want an “honest debate.” That would drag up uncomfortable facts about black crime, illegitimacy, dropout rates, and maybe even racial differences in IQ. Instead, Mr. Williams would rather play the trusted game of using racial blame to get the upper hand and shake loose more handouts for blacks. That is what he is paid to do.

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Jason Daugherty
Mr. Daugherty studied history at the University of Cincinnati. He lives in Baltimore County, Maryland, and enjoys golf and hiking.
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  • Anonymous

    Wow. Newt is coming on strong! Very charasmatic, strong statements, alpha male persona,  extremely well done!

    He is fighting to win.  I am not all that sure what he will do when he wins, honestly I never thought much of his sleazy activities in the past BUT  the boy has gonads and that speech compels me to vote for him.

    • Dom

       When I listened to Obama inaugural speech I wanted to vote for him. He made an impression. Of course it lasted a day or so. I am not an American so the damage couldn’t be done. But there are great orators who win the crowd. But this means very little when they are dishonest or incompetent.

      • It is horrifying that people woud want to vote for (and WOULD vote for) someone because of a group-written, well-rehearsed, poll-tested speech written with no attention to goals or past achievements but only to bringing out the preferred emotion. That is exactly why we are in the tragic sitatuation we are now in, with our Constitution shredded daily by this administration.

        • Anonymous

          Horrifying? Uhhh….politics has ALWAYS been about persuasion and great speeches, well except maybe in the case of Bush, he is an incredibly horrible speaker, even though I despised the man’s politics I would still feel sorry for him when he struggled through speeches.

          Ultimately it will be about choosing the lesser evil, when choosing among the equally evil I have to think “who would I rather listen to for four years?”  If two candidates are fundamentally the same on the issues then I will go with the one that has the more pleasing persona and is better at giving speeches. Oratory skills are learned,  if a candidate can’t bother to improve their oratory skills that implies they aren’t that bright or they are out of touch.

          Having said that Obama is a very good speaker, however I was never for one second compelled to vote for him because well….I am not an idiot.

    • I wish I was as taken by rhetoric and oratory as you.  I have this silly and infantile habit of examining things like voting records, past history, past statements, past behavior.

      Gingrich is nothing more than a “conservative” egalitarian opportunity society type in the mold of Jack Kemp.  In his heart of hearts, he thinks that black and Hispanic failure is nothing more than a result of liberal ideology controlling the apparatus of big government.  His solution is that “conservative” ideology should control a slightly less big government.  Want to see how well that works?  Two words:  Subprime mortgages.

      • Anonymous

        Yes I know, I am a easily swayed by good oratory skills and a strong persona. Give me a break, I am female, and I take very little interest in politics; politics is only secondary to philosophy in my book.

        Do you really think a better candidate will emerge? I doubt it very much. If Newt is worse than the others post their voting records, I am swayed by great oratory skills however logic still does prevail, well mostly. Hitler was a great speaker as well, I likely would have voted for him.

        • I hate it when folks say they are offended by what others say, but as a female with a brain, I am offended by your “give me a break — I’m a female” BS. If you want to make yourself look foolish,you have every right, but don’t attempt to drag 52% of the population along with you. Fortunatey, “taking an interest” in the inner workings of what affects our everyday lives is not a trait disallowed to those with ovaries; rather, it is encouraged for anyone with, as mentioned earlier, a brain.

          • Anonymous

            Every study/poll consistently shows women take less of an interest in horse-race politics and know fewer facts regarding the backgrounds of the candidates. 

            It has nothing to do with intelligence; I simply find political minutia to be quite boring. A review of their voting records and watching a debate or two is sufficient. I do not find politicians to be all that interesting therefore I do not wish to spend a great deal of time reading about their lives.

            If you become uncomfortable or offended when someone references the well known gender differences then well, what can I say, that is just too bad.

  • Anonymous

    When Juan Williams accuses Newt Gingrich of “playing to the American people’s resentment of liberal elites, minorities, and poor people,” one might ask in return, “why do the American people resent liberal elites, minorities, and poor people?” Perhaps it is because of liberal elite minorities such as Juan Williams who use the poor as a political football, and in the process shame themselves and the poor.

    American Renaissance should be careful though of painting anyone as “race-obsessed”, as this website itself focuses- rightly and fairly- on race.

  • Anonymous

    Gingrich was good here and he just refused to back down when attacked by some Black person playing the race card saying or implying “You’re Racist”.

    White voters will always support any White man with some backbone who will not back down when smeared, attacked by Blacks and other non Whites.

    So the moral of the story is never back down. Never pander.

    The downside to this story was that Newt Gingrich spent most of the Florida primary trying to smear Romney as yes 

    “A Racist” – anti immigrant. So Newt plays the race card against his own White race.

    The good news is that this was a huge mistake and Newt lost – he no longer had wildly cheering White voters on his side.

    The Presidential primaries have been pretty good – all the White candidates pandering to NWs, illegal aliens have fallen down.

    • Anonymous

      The downside to this story was that Newt Gingrich spent most of the Florida primary trying to smear Romney as yes “A Racist” – anti immigrant. So Newt plays the race card against his own White race.

      Uhhh…Jimmy Carter played the same card in reverse. He played on White sentiments in order to gain victory and pander to blacks.  All is fair in love and war.

  • Dilbert

    I would agree that the standing ovation the audience gave Newt was for standing up to Williams and not allowing himself to be cowed down like most White folks do in such situations.

    Williams, like most blacks, is consumed with race. His entire world-view and perception of reality is seen through the prism of race. He looks for the race angle in everything. Blacks are the most hyper-sensitive people with regard to all things racial whereas Whites and only Whites are expected to be completely deracinated.

  • Anonymous

    Blacks don’t want an honest discussion. They want a confession; that whites are involved in an orchestrated conspiracy to hinder and oppress ‘people of color’.

    He claimed that “a lack of work ethic on the part of the poor, who are disproportionately minorities” is not the problem.

    Let me tell you just one, the most recent, story of poor, black work ethic.

    We had a black worker by the name of Doug. He lasted 6 months.

    We’re in a slow season so everyone’s hours have been cut. Doug asked me for more hours because he needed money. I told him we’re slow and everyone’s hours have been cut until we pick up. The next day he called off (this from a guy who needed more hours to earn more money). He had previously called of many times before we try to be nice guys and not fire people at the drop of a hat. One day when he was scheduled to work, he came in to pick up his check. He said he had to leave to cash it (fine) but then he never came back. Never heard from him again. That’s the poor, black work ethic to me.

    • Anonymous

      Why do they do this?  A Black guy I’ve known for years who is otherwise pretty well put together (you’d be hard pressed to find someone who hates Obama more) pulls this stuff when he gets mad at his boss.  He’ll call in and say he can’t come to work the next day.  It’s like he thinks he’s punishing his boss or something by practically standing up and asking for a pink slip.

      I think it’s vanity.  How dare they do this to me….I’ll show them.  Thing is it’s easier to find a new employee than it is to find a new job, especially these days.

      • Anonymous

        We have people who were fired for ‘no call, no show’ who, after a couple months, ask for their job back. In the time I’ve been there, we only took back one woman but she didn’t last long.

        I’m not sure why they do it. My guess is that they feel like they’re personally being targeted but they never seem to make the connection that it’s their own behavior, their own lack of a work ethic, that focuses attention on them. 

        Some people tell me they work only as long as to qualify for unemployment and then don’t care if they get fired.

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    The relationship between the Newtron Bomb and Freddie/Fannie?  Per the movie title:

    Run silent, run deep.

  • Anonymous

    What Juan Williams doesn’t get because he runs off at the mouth for a living rather than actually making a product in demand, is that one does not remain “hard-working” and “poor” for very long if one has a low time preference.  Juan Williams probably does not know what low time preference is, either. 

    So for the “hard-working poor” to remain so in perpetuity, it leads me to believe we’re not getting the whole story about these people.

  • Gingrich got applause because White People are tired of being called racist for doing nothing but being White.

    He was applauded because White People are tired of hearing about all the “poor” and “oppressed” non-whites when all they see is how Poor and Oppressed they themselves are.And finally, he was applauded because for once, a White Person took a a National Stage and did not agree with this automatic “fact” that all White People are fine and don’t need help.

  • Anonymous

    Newt was right on the money in teaching the “poor to fish” rather than providing them with welfare, housing  and food stamps.  Johnson’s ‘Great Society” was a complete failure and basically destroyed the black family.  It was doomed from its inception and bred a overwhelming  sense of dependency on the government to solve all the family’s problems.


    • anarchyst

      When lyndon johnson was promoting his “great society” programs, he remarked that if his programs were enacted, “he would have the n*****s voting democrat for the next 100 years”      . . .