Posted on August 2, 2023

What Is Racism?

John Sullivan, American Renaissance, August 2, 2023

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Ever since it was invented by Magnus Hirschfeld in the 1930s, the word “racism” has been used against white people. It was this word that brought the white world to its knees in the summer of 2020 with the BLM riots. It plagues us unceasingly.

Whites have been taught to believe that “racism” is a dreadful sin, but what is it? The Left never tells us. In moments of candor, the Left admits it doesn’t even know.

“Racism” is really ethnocentrism.

If you prefer your own race, you are “racist” — but only so long as you are white.

The Left has managed to convince whites that ordinary human preferences are wrong. It is natural and good to prefer your own racial group. This helps the group survive. It is also natural and good to be wary of outside racial groups.

The opposite of ethnocentrism is not egalitarianism. That would require the same attitude from every other group, and that day will never come. The opposite of ethnocentrism is therefore ethnomasochism, the dislike of one’s own race and preference for others. This is what the Left demands of whites. It asks us to sacrifice our lands and resources to outside racial groups. It browbeats and bullies us, claiming we owe this to others. No one ever demands this of non-whites.

This is because only whites can be “racist,” and all whites are “racist.” They remain “racist,” no matter what their intentions may be. Non-white ethnocentrism is laudable; white ethnocentrism is “racism.”

Is a well-adjusted group ethnocentric or ethnomasochist? The answer is obvious. An ethnomasochist group cannot survive. It is obvious why non-whites want us to be ethnomasochist. They gain what was once ours. But why would whites submit to this?

Anyone who accuses you of being “racist” has shown himself to be your enemy. He wants you to sacrifice yourself, your land, your resources, and your family to an outside group.

Life is tribal competition. What others take, we lose. If we help non-whites, we take from ourselves. Western societies’ experiment with multiculturalism has proven to be disastrous for whites — economically, psychologically, and existentially — and we must now end this failed experiment. The first step is to reject the anti-white propaganda term, “racist.”