Posted on March 28, 2023

Disney Promotes Its Dreamers Academy

Jared Taylor, American Renaissance, March 28, 2023

The Disney organization touts something it calls Dreamers Academy: “Each spring, 100 exceptional young people arrive at the Disney Dreamers Academy with ambition, excitement and hopes for the future. Four days later, they return home with the motivation, guidance and skills to help make those dreams come true.” The “academy” is for high school students, ages 13 to 19, and they get free travel, hotel, instruction, and theme-park tickets for themselves and a parent.

Nowhere, that I could find, does the website say “this is for black people,” but from the photos, it’s clear who the preferred “dreamers” are.

Likewise, every person on a page about past speakers and mentors appears to be black.

I wonder what those token white people think? It must be strange, attending talk after talk about “breaking down barriers” and fighting “structural racism.”

Applications are closed for this year, so I can’t tell how applicants are encouraged to describe themselves, or if they have to make a profession of “diversity and equity” of the kind now common for job applicants.

This sort of thing is sure to be the future of race preferences. It’s a little dodgy to say outright that white people can’t apply — though that still happens — so either the publicity will be drenched in BIPOCs or the people who make the selections will just reject most or all whites.

Disneyland still claims to be “the happiest place on earth.”