Posted on August 25, 2022

We Are Realists, Not Racists

Jason Sullivan, American Renaissance, August 25, 2022

Leftist propaganda questions our morality. To call someone a “racist” is to say he is bad. Whites then usually go on the defensive and try to deny they are bad, but that is a losing strategy. If you are defending, you are losing.

Say instead, “I am a realist.” This defuses the Left’s moral framework. It lets you shift the conversation to a topic of your choosing, and go on the offensive. If you are called a racist, say this: “I am a realist. I recognize that the experiment in multiculturalism has failed, and that homogenous societies are more peaceful and cohesive.”

For the same reasons, I would jettison the terms “white nationalist” and “ethno-nationalist” in favor of “nationalist.” The former terms are dog whistles to the Left that arouse the same scorn, and potentially alienate civic nationalists. It’s redundant to call yourself a “white nationalist” or “ethno-nationalist.” The correct dichotomy is nationalism versus globalism. The term “nationalist” is fully consistent with our position; we want all peoples to have their own homelands, as should we. Framing the debate this way broadens our appeal. Donald Trump has already normalized the concept of nationalism, and civic nationalists support the concept, even if they don’t fully grasp it.

A white person should never call himself a “racist,” even as a joke. The Left would see this as an admission of evil, and normies would think he was a kook. For the same reason, we should not call ourselves “white nationalists.” We are realists, and nationalists. These terms are factually accurate and morally unassailable.