Posted on June 28, 2022

Intelligent Leftists Do Not Advocate

Timothy Vorgenss, American Renaissance, June 28, 2022

Many people with strong political convictions do not try to persuade others directly to adopt their worldview.

Sometimes consciously, but more often unconsciously, they choose another strategy: They become experts in a field of activity and convince society that this activity is essential.

Then, when the public becomes interested, it discovers that the underlying political sensibility is left-wing and anti-racist.

For example, there are online video channels about philosophy, astrophysics, sociology, skepticism, reflection on morals, law, political analysis, spirituality, humor, science popularization and the news. Very often they convey a subtle message.

Video-makers who openly display their opinions and argue to get them accepted are like salesmen wearing a T-shirt that says, “Beware, I’m going to sell you something.” People may watch the show but don’t necessarily buy the ideas. However, if you are listening to a lecture on the discovery of the Higgs Boson and the speaker makes a funny dig at Donald Trump (which can happen even in this discipline), the listener subconsciously registers this: “Smart people are usually against Donald Trump.”

What matters is what our unconscious retains, and that is usually a very simple summary of what has been said. Sometimes it has not even been said. How many people know that Descartes was not a rationalist, but rather a scholastic mystic? Hardly anyone, because we retain from him only, “I think, therefore I am.”

Ideas do not spread in powerful and convincing ways because of clarity and richness of language or unstoppable logic, but according to rules of marketing. To say, “There is nothing wrong in preferring to be with people like yourself,” is more powerful than a 10,000-word logical demonstration of the need for separation. However, even that is less powerful than a nature video explaining that there are beautiful varieties of wildebeest only because each subspecies prefer its own kind and that this is the key to its survival.

Not the only means of persuasion. A Scholar by Rembrandt (1631).

Important messages must be not only tightly summarized and easily understood; they should be wrapped in a theme that is unrelated to the message itself. Racial preference must be made to seem as if it is already everywhere, and that to adopt it is to conform to the majority.

White advocates may think this marketing strategy reduces race realism to slogans. We like to deploy arguments, destroy the Left’s nonsense, reveal its double standards and hypocrisy, demonstrate the unstoppable logic of our reasoning. In other words, we take pride in being right, but this pride costs us dearly. Man is not a logical animal, but an emotional one that uses logic to justify emotional choices.

But what governs the emotions? For our struggle, the most important principle to remember is the desire to belong to the group and the fear of exclusion. An opinion that threatens our belonging is very difficult to accept. Some say this is even more true for women than for men.

We must break the association of “preferring our own people” with “high risk” by mastering marketing tricks the Left has taught us. Become an expert in areas not immediately related to our ideas. Become a key player in that field. Then subtly disseminate the ideas we defend, making them seem obvious and widely accepted.

This means sometimes detaching ourselves from the things about which we are most passionate. Mastery of a field requires hard work, but the Gods of War have always demanded sacrifice. Smart leftists have made that sacrifice, and they won the first battle.

Let us use these tactics without counting our time, and we will win the war.